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No, Only any legitimate and listed business entity / corporate institution / educational institution / financial institution/government institution / foreign institution operating in Bangladesh subject to government approval may receive bulk SMS service.

Sends up to 10 SMS or 1,500 characters in one go. Our platform will ensure they are displayed the way you intended on any device.

A maximum of 11 character names, which the buyer can send to the customer via text SMS with his name or brand. Masking text SMS is only one-way SMS.

According to the rules of MNO, masking name or sender ID can be registered in a maximum of 11 alphabets.

No, at present, only the English A-Z and 0-9 alphabets can be used to register masking name or sender id.

SMS credits will add your previously unused credits to the new account balance when you recharge your account.

Our SMS Transactions Per Second (TPS) is 400. So our SMS system can send up to 400 SMS per second.


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