Evaluate.25 ÷ 5 + 7 - (4 × 3)

Accepted Solution

Answer:0Step-by-step explanation:You need to use Please Excuse MyDearAuntSallyPEMDASP- ParenthesisE-ExponentsM-MultiplicationD-DivisionA-AdditionS-SubtractionThis is called the order of operationsSo first we need to do the Parenthesis(4*3)=1225/5+7-12Next we need to see if there are any Exponents And as you can see thier is not so we move onto the next step we see if there is any multiplication... At this point there is not!So next step!Division.....25/5=55+7-12Now we add or subtract from left to right5+7=1212-12=0Your answer is 0