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$0.25/ SMS

  • No-Masking
  • 6 Month Validity
  • 40,000 SMS
  • 10,000/-


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  • Non-Masking
  • 3 Month Validity
  • 5,555SMS
  • 1,500/-


$0.20/ SMS

  • Non-Masking
  • 12 Month Validity
  • 250,000 SMS
  • 50,000/-


Bulk SMS software is computer software that is designed with unique features for SMS marketing. Users can add so many numbers to this software system and this phone number can be maintained in different ways. In many software, it is possible to upload a list of phone numbers using a text file. Some systems can automatically remove any duplicated phone number automatically. This software can validate phone numbers before sending a message. You can schedule a time to send a message according to your need. If you want to get help with this software any bulk SMS provider in Bangladesh can cooperate with you.

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